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Chrysalidocarpus lutescens

Areca, Golden feather palm, Butterfly, Yellow , Palmera multiple


Most people will agree, the areca palm is a great palm tree for indoors. But, they also have multiple uses for outdoor applications. One such example, is using the areca palm as a natural privacy wall or privacy fence. The areca palm shares similar traits as the bamboo palm; they have a high tendency to clump next to each other and grow upwards fairly fast. If your outside USDA zone includes the areca palm, I would definitely include this species in your landscape design. The areca palm is also great for the pool area, patio, or even a Zen garden oasis. Very low and easy maintenance needed for the areca palm. The areca does not require a lot of watering, but can be impacted with over watering. Although, the areca palm requires little watering, it can't be susceptible to long drought period


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