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Tabebuia ochracea

Gold trumpet tree, Cortez amarillo,Corteza, Guyacan, Piuva

During the driest of days, T. ochracea outdoes itself with a spectacular flower display. Most trees growing close together bloom in near unison, making an unforgettable show. T. ochraceais an open crowned tree. Its flowers are golden yellow and appear on bare branches, in bountiful terminal clusters. Each flower lasts for only one day, but the inflorescence may persist for up to 12 days. After flowering, many fuzzy and slightly curved pods hang on the leafless tree, splitting in about a month, and gradually fall away. Before re-leafing, a few trees will produce an additional smattering of flowers, but nothing like the first bloom.he undersides of the mature leaves are often pubescence white.Trees will flower when still quite young but full sun is required for the most intense display. Many trees have epiphytic plants on their rough.


Used in parks, street trees, etc ... beautiful ornamental when blooming. 

Plant Characteristics

rough to the touch. The undersides of the mature 
leaves are often pubescence white.

Terminal, tufted, brown, velvety buds, and fuzzy brown velvety fruits characteristically identify the species. The fruits possess large numbers of laterally winged seeds, separated by a woody wall. 

golden yellow in clusters. 

Bloom Cycle

 February - March 

Additional Information




native, drought tolerant,

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