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Cassia grandis

Pink Shower, Stinking Toe , Carao

Cassia grandis, one of several species called Pink Shower Tree, and known as Carao in Spanish. Native to the neotropics it  grows up to 30 m (98 ft). The species is distributed from southern México, to Venezuela andEcuador. It grows in forests and open fields at lower elevations, and is known to be planted as an ornamental. When in bloom this tree gives a phenomanal show. 


Plant Characteristics


The leaves are large and each of them is composed of about 16 pairs of leaflets. The leaflets have two-toned coloration with green above and maroon below. 


 Pastel shades of pink and orange, covering the entire crown, thus the name Pink Shower. Each flower has five large, lavender sepals and five rounded, peach colored petals, three large stamens and a long, curved pistil. The petals are no

Bloom Cycle
March - April 

Additional Information

Benefits | Desirability

The pungent honey-like substance found abundantly in the pods is sometimes mixed with milk and consumed as refreshment.

It is said to have medicinal properties and, among other things, to help fight anemia and add iron to the blood. A liquid antiseptic can be obtained from the roots and leaves, while the flowers are used in many household remedies.
(Allen, P. H. 1956. The rain forests of the Golfo Dulce.) 

The seeds are used for crafting beautiful leis in Hawaii.




Native, flower,

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