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Plumeria pudica

Bridal bouquet , Plumeria pudica

This beautiful evergreen shrub has signature spoon leaves and large clusters of two inch white flowers with yellow centers produced. It thrives in full sun and works well on edges of gardens and walkways.

Plant Characteristics

Dimensions at Maturity
  • Height: 4 to 6 ft
  • Spread: 3 to 4 ft


The leaves are distinctive, "They have a very short petiole, and are fiddle-shaped due to a pair of broad lobes above the middle." Although designated as an evergreen under extended drought conditions it can loose its leaves if not watered.  


Flowers are a beautiful intense white growing in clusters, in such a way to look like a bouquet, therefore the name bridal bouquet. These flowers do not have a fragrance which is notable with other plumerias.  

Bloom Cycle

Year round

Additional Information

Benefits | Desirability

It can bloom year round. Because this plant is showy and not too large it is great for patios, containers, near driveways etc. 

Care Instructions
Pruning about 3 inches off the top of the branches yearly will make the plant more of a showy specimen with increased branching and canopy.




evergreen, dwarf,

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