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Red Bird of Paradise Ponciana, Malinchillo | Red Bird of Paradise | Caesalpinia pulcherrima | This shrub is evergreen. The combination of its fernlike foliage with small bright delicate delicate flowers  make this an appealing plant to have in one's landscape. Fanciful feeling makes it a great edge or border plant to pass by.  We also have  them in  yellow, red/orange, and pink variety. Butterflies are also attracted to this plant. 

Yellow Trumpetbush Vainillo | Yellow Trumpetbush | Tecoma stans | Native to the Americas .Cultivated as an ornamental. Bright trumpet yellow flowers attracts hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies.  

Red flag bush, Tropical Dogwood Mussaenda | Red flag bush, Tropical Dogwood | Mussaenda erythrophylla |  West African shrub. Abundant color . We currently carry white, pink, and orange/apricot color . 

Gardenia Gardenia | Gardenia | Gardenia jasminoides | This tropical flower has one of the best  fragrances ever smelled. This is one of many plants that belong to the coffee family. It is an evergreen shrub or small tree that has broad glossy dark green leaves. The flowers and leaves make this a very desirable shrub.

Bougainvillea Bougainvillea | Bougainvillea | Bougainvillea, has tiny white tubular flowers, surrounded by tinted leaf bracts  that give its impressive color. It is a vine that can grow into a shrub or even small tree if trained correctly. 

Spicy Jatropha, Peregina Spicy Jatropha, Peregina | Jatropha integerrima | This shrub or small tree has beautiful flowers and unusual leaves. Hummingbirds love this plant. The seeds of this plant are being studied by the bio-deisel fuel industry although another species of this is more popular for this. 

Golden Dewdrop, Sky-Flower, Pigeonberry Pingo de oro | Golden Dewdrop, Sky-Flower, Pigeonberry | Duranta repens | This multitrunk shrub has a round weeping shape, light blue flowers, and yellow berries making it a uniquely beautiful addition to a garden.Good hedge for privacy.

Croton Croton | Croton | Codiaeum variegatum |  Shiny leather like leaves that range from bold solid colors to multicolored  leaves.These shrubs can give lots of consistent color to the garden without depending on flowers to do this.  Cocobolo Tree Farm has 10 different varieties. 

Crepe Myrtle ÁRBOL DE JÚPITER | Crepe Myrtle | Lagerstroemia indica | A popular beautiful flowering  shrub or  small multi trunk  tree. Trunk is an attractive gray and appealing. This tree is native to China, found in India, Japan, other Asian countries. and now various varieties are grown all over the world. 

Green Island Ficus Green Island Ficus | Ficus microcarpa | This tropical plant is resilient and can be used as a mounding shrub or a cascading ground cover.  

Peacock flower, dwarf ponciana Malinchillo | Peacock flower, dwarf ponciana | Caesalpinia pulcherrima | This shrub can be pruned into small bushes or let go. Its flowers are enchanting and bring fluttering butterflies around. We have a couple of different shades of flowers. 

Ruber vine Jalapa morada | Ruber vine | Cryptostegia grandiflora | Native to Madagascar, now naturaliized in Latin America and other parts of the world. It is an attractive shrub, but can be supported as a vine up to 30 meters in length. 

Dwarf  Chinese Bamboo, Minature or Baby Bamboo Dwarf Chinese Bamboo, Minature or Baby Bamboo | Pogonatherum paniceum | This evergreen has slender stems and delicate leaves  which form dense clumps. Great hedge material if you trim it.  

Bridal bouquet Plumeria pudica | Bridal bouquet | Plumeria pudica | This beautiful evergreen shrub has signature spoon leaves and large clusters of two inch white flowers with yellow centers produced. It thrives in full sun and works well on edges of gardens and walkways.

Cocoplum, Paradise Plum Icaco | Cocoplum, Paradise Plum | Chrysobalanus icaco | Chrysobalanus icaco is a shrub 1–3 metres (3.3–9.8 ft), or bushy tree 2–6 metres (6.6–20 ft), rarely to 10 metres (33 ft). It has evergreen broad-oval to nearly round somewhat leathery leaves (3 to 10 cm long and 2.5 to 7 cm wide). Leaf colors range from green to light red. The bark is greyish or reddish brown, with white specks.The flowers are small, white, in clusters, appearing in late spring. In late...

Bush Allamandra Copa de oro | Bush Allamandra | Allamanda neriifolia, Allamanda schottii | This shrub blooms repeatedly with bright yellow flowers and shiny glossy evergreen leaves. Allamandra  is originally from southeast Brazil but now found throughout Central and South America.